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teach me your wisdom, Mum is a simple and attractive guided journal designed to help your parent preserve their memories, experiences and beliefs.

Thought-provoking questions and prompts help to bring his unique back story to life and record his treasured memories, and help you tap into wisdom gathered across a lifetime of experience.

Once completed, this journal offers a personal keepsake that can be passed down the generations and bridge the generational communications gap.

  • Inspiring prompts and questions. Combination of short and detailed questions to uncover precious memories and evoke experience.
  • Simple design. Thematic chapters make it easy to complete and understand. Includes a family tree to include four generations.
  • Timeless classic. Elegantly designed to look fabulous on the shelf.
  • Ideal size. 7 x 10 inches (17.8 x 25.4 cm). 156 pages.
  • Build the full picture. Part of a collectible series to explore a wider family history.
  • Practical guidance. Clear and simple explanations on how to unlock the depth and vividness of his experience and a bridge across the communications gap.
  • Embrace oral tradition. Unlock conversational skills to elaborate on anecdotes and wisdoms and pass them on to further generations.
  • Available in Mum and Dad versions.
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